Saturday, January 28, 2006

White Guilt Disorder and its Symptoms

Continuing on the theme of 'Liberalism as Mental Illness for Whites' post, I'd like to address the current state of societal white psychopathology. Delusional disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis denoting a mental illness that involves holding one or more non-bizarre delusions in the absence of any other significant psychopathology. For whites, this is the phenomena of "self-hatred" or "white guilt." This disorder does not occur naturally but is cultivated from the time of birth by powerful groups in Western Societies that harbor a genocidal malice for people of white European descent. The major breakthrough for these groups came in the late 1960s after the assassination of Martin Luther King, and the subsequent rise of black radicalism (i.e. Black Panthers). Since the 1960s, the American public school system and the mainstream media have worked tirelessly to cultivate White Guilt Disorder and have succeeded in turning it into a powerful psychological force that dictates the behavior of millions of whites in the U.S. and other Western societies.

The manifestations of 'White Guilt Disorder' have profound implications. Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of the disorder is the belief that whites do not exist as a people. Many of the leaders of the anti-white movement see this as perhaps the most effective tactic in undermining the identity of the white European peoples. If a group can not even identify itself as a group, the group ceases to exist. The irony of the situation is that the peoples engaging in the attacks on whites are usually themselves organized along racial or ethnic lines. Two examples of this are the Hispanic group National Council for La Raza, and the black group the NAACP.

For an analysis of media attempts to invoke White Guilt Disorder after Hurrican Katrina, see Lawrence Auster's "Guilty Whites" article.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Charles Murray in 'Commentary'

Commentary magazine published a most excellent and important article by Charles Murray in its September 2005 issue (here). Murray blasts the establishment and its dominant paradigms on race and gender as highly destructive and irresponsible. Murray discusses various cognitive differences between the genders and the races and comes to the final conclusion: We are living a lie. There are major differences that are due to innate biological differences.

This is a must read article for everyone.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Mark Steyn and Lawrence Auster Analyze my E-mail

A few weeks ago, I sent a scathing e-mail to Mark Steyn, attacking his defeatist stance in his article, "It's the Demography Stupid." He posted it and placed it under the fitting title "The Front Line."(E-mail here.) Lawrence Auster further analyzed my e-mail and Steyn's response to it here. I am excited that I sparked intelligent conversation with two professional writers.

Liberalism is a Form of Mental Illness for Whites

Liberalism, leftism, and all other associated ideologies are currently cultivating pathologies of the psyche in millions of whites around the world. When white children are brought up in a left-wing environment it has a profound effect on how they view themselves and their ancestors later on in life. White children are taught to be 'antis.' This is a nickname for the fact that liberals want to teach white children to be against anything and everything associated with 'whiteness.' Kids are taught that whites are uniquely evil and are responsible for everything that is wrong with the world both in the present and in past times. All other races and cultures are praised endlessly as being better, superior, and more 'genuine' no matter what their culture is about. That is why you have extreme liberal feminists who actually SUPPORT Islam as a better culture, despite the fact that it is one of the most oppressive cultures in the world for women. Traditional white and/or Western civilization is the most evil in the world, that is the core belief.

Since the late 1960s, whites have been taught to hate themselves from the time they first enter school until the time they are college graduates. As a result of the indoctrination of two generations now, whites are conditioned to not stand up for themselves no matter how severe the double standard they are presented with. This world-wide phenomena should provide interesting fodder for psychologists. It is quite clearly a form of mass hysteria that is found in only one specific racial group in the world.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Harvard Professor Steve Pinker Says Group Differences Genetic

Professor Steve Pinker at Harvard is lending his voice to the growing chorus of scientists saying that racial and gender differences in IQ and physiology are real and genetic (here). Just last year, Science magazine had the guts to publish an article by a geneticist trying to link racial differences in IQ to a specific allele of insulin growth factor receptor found in neurons. How clever of VDARE to print Steve Sailer's article about Steve Pinker on MLK day.

Friday, January 13, 2006


The Michigan Daily published an article by Rajiv Prabakhar, a third year student from Asia, on the topic of his experiences with racism here in the United States (here). I was astonished that this man was aware of the "Stormfront" website and did not automatically denounce white Europeans who are struggling against great odds to re-awaken their historic identity. I was excited to read this article and hear this young man's opinion.

The Origin of Ashkenazi Jews

Fox News actually published an interesting story yesterday on their website about the origin of Ashkenazi (Northern European) Jews (here). They apparently left Israel and came to Italy during the time of the Roman Empire, then migrated north to the Rhineland in Germany, and then went east to Poland and Russia from there. From the DNA evidence, we conclude that many Jewish men took local European wives and so intermingling between populations occurred.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bush is a Globalist, not a Conservative

The following article by John Laughland at The American Conservative (here) tells how and why Bush and the neocons are not conseravatives by any stretch of the imagination. They are as revolutionary as the Marxist/Leninist Bolsheviks of the 1917 October Revolution, but this time they are capitalist revolutionaries. Their vision is to unite the world in a borderless capitalist miasma and to fully integrate all the nations of the earth into one dynamic global economy. The problem is, 99% of the world's people will not just "get along." People in Germany, Saudi Arabia, and China do not see each other as "brothers in the human race," or some other non-sensical socialist terminology. Race and ethnicity are as anathema to neocons as they are to Marxist socialists. The problem is, race is a biological reality that can't be overcome easily.

Catholic Churches in America.....Helping To Destroy America

The horrendous left-wing agenda of many American Catholic Churches is made clear in the following article at VDARE (here). Many parishes in the American Southwest are openly supporting treason with the long term goal of making America more supporting illegal immigration of Hispanics. Is it any wonder that after this and the pedophile priest scandal, white American Catholics are not coming to church anymore?(including this writer)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Neoconservatives: Who They Are, What They Believe

Gal Beckerman of Forward magazine gives us a good summation of the Jewish origins of "neoconservatism" and what it means for Jews and non-Jews (click here). As former neocon Michael Lind recently wrote: For neoconservatives, "it is always 1939."

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Steyn Confirms His Hatred of White Europeans

In responding to one reader who accused him of white supremacism, Mark Steyn said something along the lines of "Look, I don't care if there aren't any Belgians left in a hundred years." There it is folks, read it over and over again. Steyn does not care about his people. Steyn does not care about the European race and it's family of ethnic groups. Steyn in fact says that it's okay for white people to die and be replaced by Arabs, Pakistanis, and Chinese. Mark Steyn is a coward who can't find it in himself to stand up to colored hate and say 'Yes, I care about Europeans. Europe is our ancient homeland and will remain ours forever.' By making the above mentioned statement, Steyn is complicit in the world-wide ethnic cleansing of Europeans. Mark Steyn is a sick, perverted individual and ought to be ashamed of the fact that he can't find it in himself to defend Europeans for who they are.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

"Diversity" is a Code Word for Anti-White Hate

I wanted to vomit upon reading the following news article from the University of Washington school paper (here). The University of Washington is now offering a minor in "Diversity." The white-hating left has discovered over the last 40 years that promoting racial and ethnic "diversity" is one of the most effective tools at destroying traditional white, Christian America. Let it be known that Baal has returned and is worshipped in our institutes of higher education. He is now known as "Diversity" and will consume all Europeans around the world in order to appease his insatiable appetite.

If You're Not Part of the Solution, You're Part of the Problem

The title of this entry pretty much sums it up with respect to the current global situation. If you are not actively working to re-awaken European identity to secure the future of the European peoples and Western civilization, you are part of the problem. The effort will be at the grassroots level because our "elites" are arguably our biggest problem, and actively work to destroy their own people. I prefer not to call these people elites, but rather "degenerates" or something along those lines. They are evil, sick people who take pleasure in the destruction of the United States and Europe. In order to stop them, a true "movement" will have to begin, and it will have to begin at the grassroots level.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

More Ethnic Cleansing of Europeans

The invasion of Europe and the ethnic cleansing of it's population is highlighted very well in this story. The liberal elites of Britain insist on pushing a 'multicultural' society which destroys the ancient people and culture indigenous to Britain, and replaces them with a non-functional abomination which nobody (but the elites) seems to enjoy living in. Britons are forced to subsidize the immigration and exploding birthrates of foreigners with their own tax dollars! Isn't the thought of ethnic cleansing the ancient land of your own people wonderful? Western elites are some of the most twisted, sick, perverted, and monstrous people in the world. Has any other group worked so relentlessly to destroy it's own people and heritage?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

For Liberal Globalists, Ethnic Cleansing is 'Progress'

As many of you may have figured out long ago, the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia are being ethnically cleansed of their European populations. For liberal and globalist elites, this is called 'progress' because in their opinion, Europeans don't count as human beings anymore. All other ethnic groups around the world demand ethnic rights except for Europeans, and global elites, many of whom are white, scramble to embrace these causes no matter how perverted or phony they are. But the title of this blog attempts to drag the double standard out into the burning sunlight to expose it as the hateful genocidal program that it is.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Griffin to be Prosecuted for Defending Britons and Speaking Truth

The government of the United Kingdom has been transformed into a treasonous totalitarian state. The government is prosecuting Nick Griffin and Mark Collett of the British National Party for publically criticizing Islam, and warning of the dangers of continued Muslim immigration to Britain. Meanwhile, this same government allows Muslim clerics to preach hatred and murder toward Britain, the rest of the West, and the Jewish people. This is (as of yet) unthinkable for an American, but Western Europe has been transformed into a Politically Correct Gulag over the last 15 years, and now anything is possible. Read the full story here.

L. Auster Posts Another One of My E-Mails

Lawrence Auster has posted another one of my e-mails on his website. It is at the bottom of this post.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

L. Auster Posts My E-mail at View From the Right

Lawrence Auster, one of my favorite traditionalist conservative writers, has posted one of my e-mails on his website. It's nice to know that my opinions are seconded by professional writers.

Bring Our Troops Home and Put Them on the Mexican Border

I can't support the war in Iraq while our country is being invaded by illegal immigrants. That's the bottom line. Our national sovereignty, my rights as a citizen, and my quality of life are all being compromised by the federal government's refusal to enforce our immigration laws. Meanwhile, they can spend billions of our tax dollars on an outrageous war that has not accomplished and will not accomplish anything for this country. The critics of the border fence proposal often say that it would cost too much. It would only cost a small fraction of what is spent in Iraq over 6 months. Bring our troops home and put them on the Mexican border.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Human Biology and Inter-ethnic Conflict

When we look at the world and examine its peoples, cultures, and societies, we tend to leave out human biology as part of the prism through which we examine them. This is detrimental to inter-ethnic relations. The current fad of 'anti-racism' is an outgrowth of Marxist/Socialist ideology that flies in the face of human biology and millions of years of evolution. We cannot simply 'overcome' racism, because we are genetically programmed to seek relationships with people of our own racial/ethnic groups. This aspect of sociobiology has been well documented for decades, and is certainly a major factor involved in inter-ethnic conflicts. The left-wing liberals who, for the last 50 years, have been successfully foisting 'diversity' on the European countries of the world are setting up a tinder-box in the West that is waiting to explode into flames. It is now considered a rule of thumb that the more diversity (especially racial) within a territory, the more likely it is that conflict will arise. Gene kinship theory, along with a basic understanding of history and ethnic conflict make this conclusion very clear. The Western white world is currently declining not because we have been conquered by a foreign enemy, but because we have been conquered from within, ideologically. We choose to ignore the realities of sociobiology, but allow other ethnic groups in our territories to embrace their natural identity. In the end, a house divided cannot stand.