Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Trip to the Mall Becomes a Trip to South Asia

I took a trip to the Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi (Michigan) today to do some end-of-the-year sale shopping. The effects of non-European immigration are present at Twelve Oaks mall just like most other metro area public places. The number of Arabs and Indians observable at the holidays has increased dramatically in the last 10 years. There are still very few Hispanics in the area compared to the number of blacks, Arabs, Indians, and Asians. As I walked around the mall, it was as common to hear a conversation in Hindi or Arabic as it was in English. Now it is estimated that of the 20 MILLION(!) illegal immigrants in this country, at least 40% are visa overstays, or people that simply get off of a plane on the pretense of a visit, and never go back. As I walked thru the mall, I imagined how many of these people would be here if immigration laws were actually enforced. I also imagined the dramatic difference in population if the 1965 immigration 'reform' laws had never been enacted. I wonder when we will reach the tipping point and Americans will begin to object to the inundation of non-European immigrants that we are now being subjected to. I know I reached it long, long ago.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

The British National Party's Lee Barnes

Lee Barnes is a legal expert with the British National Party who writes beautiful and hard-hitting prose with respect to the current dire situation faced by Europeans around the world, and in particular, the United Kingdom. His writing is some of the best in the English language with respect to this topic.

The Dignity of Roots, the Dignity of Identity

One of the most fundamental problems facing the European peoples of the world is the lack of historical identity. Historical identity lets us know that we belong to a people, with roots in ancient times, and that our blood identity transcends the blind and destructive lifestyle that we have been leading for the last 50 years. "Whites" (or Europeans) have come to a point in history where we are on the verge of serious decline. We have some of the highest living standards in the world, and we are not having children. In addition, we are the only people who ignore, repress, or are openly hostile to our own ancient identities. When a people cannot or will not even recognize themselves as a people, they are finished. The nationalist movements in Europe are slowly gaining power right now, which is a sign that gives me hope personally. Identity is stronger in Europe than it is in the United States, but hopefully we can reawaken it here in America. Visit the links on my blog page to see how you can get involved.

Liberals Think Freedom Means Nihilism

Liberals and other anti-Western extremists have been doing a bang-up job of wrecking America over the last 4 decades. One strategy they employ relates to our 'freedoms' which are enumerated in the constitution. The liberals attempt to use the constitution to impose a tyranny of cultural and ethnic nihilism that undermines America's traditional identity. When this nihilism is combined with political correctness, we get a synergistic effect of hate and violence targeted against European people. The prevailing climate of fear and self-loathing prevents Westerners from speaking out against the violence that is being done to our people in every way. One of the biggest problems is that white people, especially in the U.S. and Canada, have little to no identity. It is successfully suppressed by our society which promotes self-hate.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Worst Generation

This article discusses the inconcievably destructive impact the baby boomers have had on this nation in their lifetimes. America's Worst Generation discusses many recurring themes in this blog, and how the baby boomers were the ones responsible for the extremist left-wing movements of the 1960s, including the violent anti-European movement which continues into today. They were responsible for inculcating traditional white Americans and their children with the feelings of guilt and self-hatred that permeate every level of society today. They were responsible for putting in place the tyrannical PC dictatorship which now limits free speech, especially European free speech, across the Western World. But the most important thing my generation should be doing right now is not dwelling on the destruction of our people over the last 40 years, but asking how we can halt the march to suicide that we are now on...and reverse it.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Century of Disaster

I'm currently reading "The Penguin History of the Twentieth Century" by J.M. Roberts. I also recently finished "The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order" by Samuel Huntington. I love having my opinions vindicated by top-flight Harvard scholars like Huntington. One of the main points of Huntington's book is that the West is in decline because we let it go into decline. To add insult to injury, our populations are crashing and our twisted and evil political leaders are telling us that we must let in foreigners (who hate us) in order to 'sustain' and 'grow.' Huntington points out that our elites seek to cultivate a culture of 'tolerance' and 'universalism' that the rest of the world neither believes in nor wants to adopt. When China and India take the lead in the world, we can be assured that they will NOT succumb to the same self-hatred that white European peoples have fallen victim to. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the last century was the complete reversal of roles on the world stage. In the early 20th century European peoples dominated the globe ruling over 80% of the earth's surface. Then came two disasterous world wars that devastated us. Following this was the rise of leftism in the 1960s which was the start of the racist anti-European movement. So Europeans went from being colonial world masters to letting former subjects colonize their own countries as the native populations decline. To make it worse, any kind of expression of identity by Europeans (even within their own countries) is considered evil and racist, while the foreigners are given license to burn down the country...while whites blame themselves.(like France in November).

Monday, December 26, 2005

Huntington Understands

Prof. Samuel P. Huntington of Harvard University released"The Clash of Civilizations..." in 1996 to some criticism and controversy. Many elites didn't like it, because it accused them and their universalist ideas as being destructive to their own civilization. As a result, our civilization is in decline relative to the power of other civilizations in the world. Huntington hints at topics written in this blog throughout his book, but never directly says that race is a fundamental factor in the identity of a civilization. Massive immigration combined with the lowest birth rates in the world are rapidly submerging European peoples and the Western civilization that they created. I haven't read Huntington's latest book, but I hear that it is even more forthright and truthful about race and culture. In the meantime, here are some excerpts that hit the nail on the head:

1. "Decay then leads to the stage of invasion "when the civilization, no longer able to defend itself beause it is no longer willing to defend itself, lies wide open to 'barbarian invaders,' who often come from "another, younger, more powerful civilization."
(White Europeans have not been willing to defend themselves since the 1960s. We have been on psychological retreat for 40 years now. We allow our own history and culture to be denigrated in the name of 'tolerance.' We don't stop immigration into our countries because we have been fooled into thinking that it's racist.)

2. Some Americans have promoted multiculturalism at home; some have promoted universalism abroad; and some have done both. Multiculturalism at home threatens the United States and the West; universalism abroad threatens the West and the world. (p. 318)
(It is astonishing that people of Huntington's caliber make such clear statements that are ignored by our political and business elites. Our business elites try to pretend that we don't have ethnic and cultural loyalties so that they can promote more immigration from non-Western countries, and hence, expand their markets. This will backfire in the long run, like it did in November in France. We must be sure to blame both the anti-Western elites, and the business elites.)

Saturday, December 24, 2005



Couples That Don't Have Children

This article is about young couples who refuse to have children, and why they refuse. My favorite excerpt is:

Sometimes referring to themselves as “non-breeders,” these couples are intentional and sometimes militant in their resolve not to have children, with some of them saying they are showing advanced maturity by recognizing that children do not fit their lifestyle.

If you replace the word "maturity" with "degeneracy" then you get an accurate description of these peoples' attitudes. I cite this article because it relates to a very important aspect of Western suicide. European peoples are not having children because we have abandoned our Christian faith, our traditional identity, and our traditional historical roots. The genocidal leftist revolution of the 1960s has done a superb job of undermining and destroying the identities of European peoples. And here is where the double standard comes into play: In America, all non-European peoples are encouraged to celebrate their heritage and maintain their identity. But white Europeans are attacked as 'racist' for doing the same thing. In order for Europeans to reclaim their identity as the heirs to Western civilization, they must reconnect with their historic identities and stand up to the forces of hate that seek to destroy them and the civilization that they created.

Friday, December 23, 2005

SPOILER: "Munich" is About Liberal American Jews Condemning Their Israeli Co-ethnics

SPOILER: Spielberg's "Munich" imparts the message that it's wrong for overzealous Israelis to take aggressive action against Arab terrorists. It's wrong because it's not in line with Jewish morals to behave in this manner. Tony Kushner (who is infamously critical of Israel) writes this into some of the lines spoken by Mathieu Kassovitz's character Robert. After one assassination, Robert complains to Eric Bana's character that he feels that he is betraying all that is good, and pure, and Jewish, and that because of this, he is losing his soul. He feels that his actions are immoral. At the end of the film, Bana expresses similar feelings to his Mossad commanding officer (played by Geoffrey Rush,) asking why they don't bring these men to justice by capturing them and trying them in an Israeli court (like Adolf Eichmann.) By the end of the film, Israel is portrayed as being cold-hearted and no better than the Palestinian terrorists. This film is extremely controversial because the (arguably) greatest director in American history is criticizing his own people of betraying all that is righteous and sacred in the name of revenge.

Astonishing Event in Britain: Disgusting Double Standard

The British National Party recently set up a spontaneous public street memorial to Gavin Hopley, a young white Briton who was murdered by non-white immigrants 19 years ago. While the BNP was filming the event, the local police proceeded to push their way through the sizeable crowd and tear down the pictures, flowers, candles and signs laid out to commemorate this young man's murder. The government of Britain has made it very clear that it is diametrically opposed to free speech, especially if it does not fit the politically correct paradigm. This disgusting act of racism is at least recorded for the world to see here at the BNP's website. This is a striking example of the anti-white double standard that currently grips the Western world right now.

Latin America's Racial Heirarchy

When examining the peoples of Latin America it is extremely important to understand a few fundamental concepts. Most of Latin America is composed of indigeneous native American peoples descended from the Aztecs, Mayas, Incas and other South American tribes. The notable exceptions are Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay which actually have higher percentages of white/European populations than the United States. Another important thing to keep in mind is that in most of the non-white Latin American countries, a white minority forms the elite and controls the wealth and enterprise. Vincente Fox, the current president of Mexico, is a prime example. He is of Irish and Asturian Spanish descent, and not of mestizo/Indian background. In Latin America, being European or even fair-skinned is held in high regard. Most of the Latin American soap operas have stars that look like they are from Copenhagen, Denmark rather than Chiapas, Mexico. There is a growing movement in Latin America for the indigenas to 'regain control' over 'their' countries. This is the source of the nasty anti-white racism espoused by Mexicans and other Indian peoples in these countries.

Mainstream Australian Journalist Overcomes Political Correctness Dementia

A writer in the Sydney Morning Herald has printed an article that correctly identifies Lebanese Muslims as the cause of recent ethnic violence in Australia. These Arabs have no respect for the rule of Australian law, and do not even hesitate to attack police and police stations! Australia, and the West ought to be learning a lesson as to who the greatest threat to our civilization really is.

The Height of Mexican Hypocrisy

When the latest immigration enforcement bill passed in the U.S. House of Representatives, the government of Mexico went into attack mode. Mexican officials including President Vincente Fox blasted the U.S. Congress for passing laws to protect American citizens from foreign invasion (which is actually an executive duty.) But the most beautiful part of this story is that Mexico's federal Human Rights Commission acknowledged yesterday that the country mistreats many immigrants – mainly Central Americans – and uses some of the same methods on them that it opposes in the United States. This is not surprising to me, rather it is typical of Mexico's corrupt sociopathic attitude that seems to dictate the behavior of not just the average Mexican peasant, but also the wealthy government officials in Mexico City.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Diversity vs. Freedom

Two brilliant columns today at VDARE by James Fulford and Professor Drew Fraser. The title of Fulford's is 'Diversity vs. Freedom' which about sums up the anti-white, totalitarian moves by the Western governments as their minority populations continue to grow. I cannot stress enough that demographics are profoundly important when considering the rise and fall of peoples and civilizations. I don't believe that any other civilization in the world right now is seeking to destroy itself in the way that Western civilization is. Has any powerful civilization ever sought it's own destruction the way that Western civilization is doing now? I do predict that we will turn it around eventually. We will not be the superpower that we once were, but we will perhaps stop the decline and stablilize. What will happen is that, as our populations and our civilization continues to decline in terms of world power, we will eventually realize that it is no longer feasible to hate ourselves and our culture because we might face real extinction. It will take a crisis before we reclaim our identity. Each day, that crisis draws closer. In my opinion, the sooner the better.

Why Do Immigrants Push For More of Their Own Kind?

In continuing with the theme of my last posting, we must not overlook a simple fact. Immigrants to the United States commonly set up pressure groups to push for immigration of their co-ethnics. At the same time they criticize whites and other Americans as being 'racist' if they oppose it. But the immigrants are organizing and selectively supporting their own specific group for immigration to the United States. This is the definition of racism. The Mexicans have 'National Council por La Raza' which translates into 'National Council for the Race' (The Mexican mestizo race). If whites want to have a voice, they had better start organizing legitimate pressure groups themselves. Like in France, whites need to liberate themselves from the word 'racist' and express a strong identity. I don't think it's a matter of 'if,''s a matter of when.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Chinese Think With Their Blood

Lee Kuan Yew stated:

"We are ethnic Chinese. We share certain characteristics through common ancestry and culture...People feel a natural empathy for those who share their physical attributes. This sense of closeness is reinforced when they also share a basis for culture and language. It makes for easy rapport and trust..."

Is this man a Chinese supremacist? No. He is stating a fact of sociobiological reality, and it is only white people who try to convince themselves that this is racist. The result is that white people wind up hating themselves while endlessly lavishing praise on other people who actually don't like them anyway.

European Governments Express Hatred of Free Speech...and Their Own People

Some European officials and Muslim terrorists are criticizing the government of Denmark for not limiting the speech of those who dare to criticize Islam and the horrible effects it is having on their society (here). Notice that I grouped European officials and Muslim terrorists together, because by taking the same action as the Muslims, the EU officials are demonstrating their love of Islam and the de facto terrorism that goes with it. The governments of Western Europe demonstrate remarkable tendencies of contempt for free speech and freedom of the press...but only when it comes to their own native populations! Muslims and other minorities are given free reign to carry on with their Islamic terrorist hate speech amongst other more violent actions. French Jewish philosopher Alain Finkelkraut put it best when he described anti-racism as the new communism of the 21st century. It is nice to see the Danes showing that the old viking spirit isn't standing up to their degenerate European kin.

Aussies Overcome PC Mental Illness and Defend Themselves

Now that the rioting has calmed down in Australia, let's sit back and evaluate what happened. In typical fashion, young Muslim Arab men moved to a Western country and immediately began to take violent and antagonistic action toward the indigenous white population. Lebanese and other Muslims have been creating serious problems in Australia for over a decade now. The Islamic Resurgence is carried with Muslims wherever they go, and it provides a strong sense of identity that is hostile to non-Muslims. As a result, many Muslims believe that they are superior because Allah decrees their superiority, and that they have the right to abuse non-Muslims, even with violence. This is proscribed in the Quran. But the native white Australians temporarily threw off the shackles of political correctness and decided that they had enough of the Muslim violence that had crept into their once peaceful neighborhoods. They took to the streets of Cronulla Beach in a fashion not seen in a Western country for a very long time. They found these Muslim monsters in the streets and delivered a small dose of justice that was well deserved. At this point, we must understand why the Australians took to the streets. Stories in mainstream news sources have emerged telling us that police and political authorities have refused to address the Muslim problem on the grounds of political correctness. The modern tyranny of political correctness is a manifestation of 40 years of white-hating liberal indoctrination. It is dangerous to white people in endless ways, and the only way that we will end it is by overcoming our fear of the R-bomb and regaining love and confidence in our people and our historic identity.

Muslims will use 'Democracy' to elect Islamic Fundamentalists

The Bush administration and the neocons believe that the process of democracy will help defeat Islamic terrorism in the Middle East. The exact opposite will happen. Overwhelming segments of the populations in the Middle East are young and devoutly commited to Islam. Now even the Israelis are beginning to back off of their support for the Iraq war because they realize that the people of Iraq, like their brethren in Egypt, will want to elect Muslim extremists to office, which will ENHANCE the threat to Israel.

Is the Council on Foreign Relations a Cabal?

Rumors and nicknames have been swirling around the Council on Foreign Relations for years. Are they a cabal of international policy makers, bent on the destruction of the West? Or do they have well-meaning intentions? The Council on Foreign Relations is definitely NOT commited to the preservation of Western peoples, but respects and works with other peoples of the world that actually have the spine to stand up for their identity and culture. Non-white Asian members such as Jagdish N. Baghwati seem very excited about the rise of their co-ethnics in India and Asia, but no Europeans take a position of defending their people and civilization. Meanwhile, France is on the verge of collapse. Until Western people assert themselves again, we will continue our disgusting decline.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Suicide and Iraq

As the rest of the world struggles to seize a national and cultural identity, the West continues to commit suicide by inviting in masses of non-western people hostile to our race, religion, values, and way of life. An example of this is Iraq. The neocon fools believe that democracy in Iraq will lead to a Western and Israel friendly secular establishment. Nothing could be further from the truth. The competing parties all share one thing in common: they are Muslim nationalists.

French Backlash Intensifies

Two startling stories posted at American Renaissance indicate some amazing shifts in public opinion in France. Only 39% of those polled by Le Monde now think Jean-Marie Le Pen's ideas are 'unacceptable.' (See story here.) The second story points out that the French government is having a crisis of identity as well as a very serious budgetary crisis (here.) It seems as if France has reached the end of her sickening nihilist death march, and may now be beginning to reclaim her historic identity. Perhaps the most compelling part of the first story is the following paragraph:

Le Monde also reported this week another poll, this one quasi-official, organized by France’s National Commission for the Rights of Man, which was accompanied by a confidential report that went direct to the Minister of the Interior, noting that “the word ‘racist’ has been liberated. It is no longer a word used with shame. The poll found that one French adult in three, 33 percent, would use the word ‘racist’ to describe him—or herself. In the same poll a year ago, only 25 percent would call themselves ‘racist.’ In rural districts, 48 percent of French people were now content to describe themselves as ‘racist.’

The situation in France has reached it's breaking point. This was demonstrated in the riots last month. Hopefully the French will stand up for their identity and not continue to fall victim to the debilitating brain disease called 'political correctness.'

BNPtv and white kryptonite

The BNP posted a new video on their website in which they stop random pedestrians on the streets of London and ask them about immigration. Most people, even the wealthy looking ones, said that immigration ought to be restricted. This is in sharp contrast to what the elites in the political establishment have planned for Britain. What is sad is that only one man (wearing a sock-hat with the English coat-of-arms on it) was able to articulate why he was opposed to massive third-world immigration. Everyone else refused to go into why they were opposed to turning their country into a third world dump, because they were apparently afraid that someone might pull out white kryptonite (the words "racist," and "racism.")

South African nightmare

The country of South Africa and it's current state of lawlessness can teach us some valuable lessons. The world-wide liberal push to end apartheid in South Africa was hailed as one of the final steps in curbing the evil white man's power over the poor black peoples of Africa. The country has since degenerated into anarchy under black rule. Additionally, hundreds of whites have been murdered, simply for being white, at the hands of rampaging black madmen. The country is a dramatic failure in virtually every way. The international liberal hate-cabal is slowly beginning to acknowledge that it's not all peachy in South Africa. They will probably never fully admit it, even if the 800 lb. gorilla turns on them and begins to attack them. This demonstrates a larger phenomenen. White liberals hate their own race so much that they refuse to acknowledge that the white man is capable of any good, and that he must perpetually atone for his past 'sins' of dominating and colonizing the world. To the liberal the white man is uniquely evil in a way that no other group is, and therefore must be uniquely punished and made to feel guilt wherever he may be.

Hispanic organizations confirm their commitment to treason

In this article the country's leading Hispanic 'civil rights' organizations confirm a few things that we should note. First, they are supportive of breaking our federal laws as established by our elected Congress. Secondly, they are confirming their loyalty to a foreign government (Mexico.) Finally, ( my personal favorite) they are confirming their loyalty to their fellow co-ethnics. Notice that this ethnic loyalty is considered a 'civil right' for Hispanics but is considered 'hate' for whites. The Hispanics (and every other non-white group) are providing a model that we should modify and imitate. Whites need to set up legitimate pressure groups. The Mexicans have about a WALDEF for whites?

Use the liberals' own rhetoric against them

I will soon be discussing some simple rhetorical strategies in combatting the liberal hatred against all things white, Christian, and Western. One simple way is to appropriate their own favorite language and use it against them. To begin, use words such 'racist,' 'hate speech,' 'intolerant,' and 'bigoted' to counter their incessant attacks upon our culture and history. You must learn to drop these words in conversation with the same ease with which they do it themselves. Be ready to throw them out at the slightest hint of anti-white verbal abuse. Most anti-white bigots will be confused, demoralized, or frustrated by your 'stealing' of their favorite lines. But this is only the beginning, for we will discuss more sophisticated arguments and strategies in the future.

The (non-existent) Mexican border

World Net Daily published an article about how the U.S. Border Patrol is running into increasing violence perpetrated by the corrupt Mexican Army itself. No surprise there right? Mexican authorities are world-famous for their corruption, and they haven't disappointed us in this instance! Solution: Deploy the U.S. military to patrol and monitor the border. Authorize them to return fire on any party which fires upon our personnel.

Monday, December 19, 2005

The purpose of this blog

The purpose of this blog is to recognize, address, and end the decline of the European peoples of the world, and the disgusting self-hate that we have foisted upon ourselves and our children. We live in an Orwellian era of self-denigration, which is encouraged by our own elites in business, poltics, the media, and academia. By "the double-standard," I mean all issues relating to race and culture. The white European peoples of the West are doing something no other race or ethny has done in history: we refuse to acknowledge our own historical existence as nations; we are actively tearing up our own roots, and our own historical memory in the name of tolerance for the 'other,' whatever that may be, and we are actively encouraging the suicide of our own nations. It is truly a sign of illness or weakness when a people refuses to defend itself as it is being rapidly dispossesed of everything a people ought to hold dear.